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Our actions in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso, located in the heart of West Africa, faces major issues in terms of education and child protection. In several districts of the Center North, thousands of children, especially girls, are exposed to the risk of exploitation and violence. Terre des Hommes Switzerland strives to ensure their protection, strengthen their knowledge and skills on their rights and non-violence, while improving their access to quality education. At the same time, measures are being put in place to support families and schools in their fight against violence against children. These efforts aim not only to keep these children in the school system, but also to build their resilience to the challenges they face.

Our presence in Burkina Faso in a few figures


children and young people benefit from our daily assistance


enfants et jeunes bénéficient de notre aide au quotidien au Burkina Faso


adults receive direct aid from Terre des Hommes Suisse

Focus on Coordination Nationale des Associations des Enfants et Jeunes Travailleurs du Burkina (CNAEJT), one of our partners in Burkina Faso

Terre des Hommes Suisse in Burkina Faso

Protection of children and families of displaced persons

In the Center North region, families displaced within host communities (due to attacks by armed groups) are even more vulnerable to the risk of violence and their children dropping out of school. CNAEJT supports children and young people and their families to strengthen their resilience and protection against violence and the risk of exploitation.

Our partner :

Coordination Nationale des Associations des Enfants et Jeunes Travailleurs du Burkina (CNAEJT) 


Un représentant de Terre des Hommes au Burkina Faso
Des jeunes au Burkina Faso encadrés par l'association CEATS

Active participation of children in the promotion of a non-violent society and protection against exploitation

In three districts of the Center North, many children are at risk of exploitation in gold panning sites and are victims of insecurity due to attacks by armed groups. Our service providers identify and protect them. It is also access to quality education that is ensured in the Center region of Burkina Faso. This commitment aims to support families and schools in their efforts to end violence against children and keep them in the school system.

Our partner :

Le Centre d’Etudes et d’Appui-conseil en Travail Social (CEATS) 


Child rights education and promotion of sustainable development in schools​

A considerable number of children acquire knowledge about their rights in addition to the traditional subjects taught in primary and secondary schools. In several schools in the Centre-Sud, many teachers and supervisors support the commitment of students to the rights of the child and the protection of the environment (waste sorting, reforestation, etc.).

Our partner :

Association pour le Développement du Département d’Ipélcé (ADDI)


Un cours donné au Burkina Faso encadré par l'association ADDI
Un cours donné au Burkina Faso dans une école encadré par l'association FDC

Access to education for children in emergencies ​

With a focus on education, a large number of children and young people are supported through activities in multiple schools. This includes bridging classes for displaced and out-of-school children to allow them to reintegrate into a normal curriculum. A significant number of children, the majority of them girls, were thus able to return to school.

Our partner :

La Fondation pour le Développement Communautaire (FDC)  

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