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Our actions in Colombia

In Colombia, our work focuses on reducing violence and improving the protection of children and young people, particularly in regions affected by insecurity, such as Buenaventura and the suburbs of Cali. We encourage access to quality education, gender equity, the promotion of a culture of peace and the enhancement of cultural diversity. We also support young people’s commitment to promoting peace in their schools and communities, while encouraging initiatives to improve local living conditions.

Our presence in Colombia in a few figures


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children and young people benefit from our daily assistance in India


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Terre des Hommes Suisse in Colombia

Des jeunes dans un salle suivent une présentation en Colombie

Reducing violence against children, young people and women in Buenaventura and Cali

Reducing violence and improving the protection of 1,280 children, young people and women in Buenaventura through rights education, the promotion of gender equity, interculturality and a culture of peace is one of the priorities of our work in Colombia.

We are also active in the poor neighbourhoods on the outskirts of Cali. These areas are plagued by insecurity and trafficking of all kinds, with children and young people at risk of forced recruitment by armed groups. Here, 500 children and young people are supported every year to continue their education and define a life path to break the vicious circle of violence.

Our partners : Taller Abierto et Paz y Bien

Young leaders for peace and children’s rights

To improve the quality of education and the protection of 2,000 children in schools in Cauca affected by the insecurity of armed groups, children and young people elected by their peers are committed to promoting peace at school and within their Afro-Colombian communities.

Also in the Caribbean region, a platform is organising the participation of some 1,500 young leaders and promoting advocacy initiatives and concrete community actions to improve local living conditions.

Our partners : Agenda Caribe et Tierra de Paz

Des jeunes se tiennent par la main sur une place publique en Colombie
En Colombie, deux filles sous un mur avec des écritures

Quality education for Afro-Colombian children

The quality of education for 4,000 children is ensured in non-formal educational settings in Afro-Colombian villages in the Cauca region. Casita de Niños’ educational approach helps to enhance local culture and strengthen links with communities to improve the protection of children and young people.

Our partner : Casita de Ninos


In the suburbs of Cali where families displaced by the conflict live, our partner is supporting 500 families and 3,000 children with access to quality education and extracurricular activities to protect children from street violence and promote their rights.

Our partner : CECUCOL

Un mur peint en ville de Cali par l'association CECUCOL

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