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Our actions in India

In India, we are dedicated to improving the quality of life of children and young people, with a particular focus on access to quality education and protection from exploitation. Our actions also aim to support the empowerment of girls and women, while building the capacity of local communities to become agents of change. By focusing on education, the protection of rights and gender equality, we are working to create an environment that is safe and conducive to the development of every child.

Our presence in India in a few figures


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children and young people benefit from our daily assistance in India


adults receive direct aid from Terre des Hommes Suisse

Terre des Hommes Suisse in India

Des enfants défilent à vélo avec des pancartes dans les campagnes indiennes | Terre des Hommes Suisse

Ensuring that children from the poorest families continue their education

In West Bengal, we provide support to vulnerable families from low castes or tribal populations, where at least one parent leaves to work in another state to ensure the family’s survival. Thanks to school support for more than ten thousand children, access to and continuation of their education is ensured, particularly for adolescents at risk of child labour, exploitation or forced marriage. Child protection is reinforced by the work of women’s groups and children’s and youth clubs committed to children’s rights.

Our partner:

Shripur Mahila-O-Kahadi Unnayan Samity (SMOKUS)

Protecting children through access to schools

Terre des Hommes Suisse gives child workers who have dropped out of school access to education and reduces the risk of forced marriage or exploitation. Every year, thousands of children are reintegrated into public schools in the poor suburbs of Gwalior. In the clubs, the children learn about their rights and how to assert them, going from child workers to child leaders!

Our partner:

Center for Integrated Development (CID)

Un cours donné sur le toit d'une maison en Inde | Terre des Hommes Suisse
Des enfants d'Inde sont assis par terre et sourient | Terre des Hommes Suisse

Acting for children’s rights

Rural Aid is committed to protecting the rights of women and children from the poorest and most marginalised communities living and working in the tea gardens of 4 districts in the state of West Bengal. Action is being taken to ensure that many children have access to quality education and to protect them from the risks of exploitation, violence and forced marriage.

Our partner:

Rural Aid

Promoting the right to education and community development

Our local service provider is supporting the rural populations of 20 villages that live from agriculture and have been severely affected by recent climate change. School support courses for children from poor families enable them to continue their education and be better protected against the risks of exploitation in the event of migration to the towns.

Our partner:

Rural Development Association (RDA)

Un cours donné à l'extérieur à des enfants | Terre des Hommes Suisse
Minorités ethniques d'Inde assises en rond | Terre des Hommes Suisse

Supporting tribal minorities

We are committed to promoting the rights of women and children from highly discriminated tribal minorities. Support to prevent over five thousand children from dropping out of school, combined with action to prevent violence and discrimination against them, is helping to improve children’s rights in tribal village communities.

Our partner:

Center for Action Research and Documentation (CARD)

Is respect for children’s rights important to you?