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Our actions in Mali

In the current context of Mali, marked by government instability and multiple attacks, hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced. This situation has disrupted access to education for many children, and increased the risk of exploitation and forced marriage. Despite these challenges, our partners on the ground are making a series of concerted efforts to improve the living conditions of children and young people in vulnerable situations. They promote the reintegration of out-of-school children into the formal education system, strengthen the skills of teachers and facilitate access to vocational training for out-of-school young people. They also support families in situations of extreme poverty, ensuring access to education for a large number of girls and offering vocational training to young girls at risk of exploitation in Bamako.

Our presence in Mali in a few figures


partners are working alongside us in different parts of the country


children and young people benefit from our daily assistance in Mali


adults receive direct aid from Terre des Hommes Suisse

Terre des Hommes Suisse in Mali

Plusieurs enfants et jeunes se tiennent debout avec des pancartes où il est écrit "droit à la protection, "droit à l'éducation", etc.


Prevention of forced marriages, school dropouts and exploitation of young girls

To support families in extreme poverty and children at risk of dropping out of school and being exploited, initiatives have been set up both in rural areas and in Bamako. Access to education is guaranteed for many girls in the villages to reduce the risk of forced marriages and dropping out of school. In Bamako, specific measures allow young girls at risk of exploitation, in particular domestic workers, to know their rights and to access new prospects for the future thanks to vocational training.

Our partner :

Association pour la promotion du droit et du bien-être de la famille (APSEF)

Protection of girls from gender-based violence and discrimination

Support actions are put in place for families, communities and schools in order to strengthen the protective environment for children and young people, particularly girls, at risk of dropping out of school and forced marriages. Traditional leaders and community protection committees are accompanied and guided in their mission to protect children against all forms of violence.

Our partner :

Le Groupe de Recherche Action Droits de l’Enfant Mali (GRADEM)


Au Mali, des jeunes filles dans une pièce sourient à la caméra


Un enfant devant un tableau noir apprend à lire

Access to quality education

Each year, our partners work to reintegrate out-of-school children between the ages of 7 and 14 into formal education in public and community schools in the circles of Dioïla and Kati in the Koulikoro region. At the same time, teachers’ skills are being strengthened to ensure continuous improvement in the quality of education.

Our partner :

L’Association Malienne pour le développement durable (AMDD)


Vocational training of young people for a better future

Efforts are being made to enable vulnerable children and young people, who are out of school or without qualifications, from different municipalities in Bamako and Baguinéda, to access recognized vocational training. These initiatives aim to facilitate their integration into the local labor market and improve their living conditions, as well as those of their families.

Our partner :

L’Association Jeunesse Action Mali, (AJA)


Un jeune effectue des travaux manuels au Mali
Un enfant au Mali pointe un tableau noir dans une classe

Ensuring education and protection for displaced children ​

Actions are carried out in two sites hosting displaced families in Bamako, the latter having been forced to leave their villages due to the insecurity caused by attacks by armed groups in the center and north of the country. Many children, the majority of them girls, can continue their education in formal and non-formal schools. At the same time, protection committees are created and supported to reduce the risk of violence and forced child marriages.

Our partner :

L’Association pour le Développement et l’Appui aux Communautés (ADAC)


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