Your action makes a difference in the lives of thousands of children

Would you like to make a commitment to children’s rights?


Whether it’s a one-off donation, long-term support or your time, your action counts and enables us to go further in our mission.


Thanks to our donors, sponsors and volunteers, hundreds of thousands of children and young people can be protected, have access to education and learn about their rights!


Without you, nothing is possible.

Thank you so much for your support!

I would like to make a donation

Every donation counts and makes a difference regardless of the amount. With your donation, we can take action and enable children to be protected, to have access to education and to be heard. Thank you for your precious support!

I would like to subscribe to a sponsorship

Subscribing to a sponsorship allows to ensure continuous support for our partners committed to improving the living conditions of children, their parents and their community. Opting for a sponsorship is a guarantee of targeted, concrete and sustainable aid.


Aware of the importance and value of this highly symbolic act, we are at your disposal to build together a project that makes sense for you.

solidarity gift

Find out how to offer to your loved ones a solidarity gift for the holidays!

Marche des entreprises

Carry out a social responsibility action at the service of children’s rights while encouraging cohesion and well-being of your teams. 

Corporate partnerships

Your company’s social responsibility at the service of children’s rights. Whether it is for a day of action between employees, an end-of-year solidarity action or a long-term partnership, we would be delighted to talk to you to better understand your needs.


Put your time and skills at the service of vulnerable children here and there.


Every year, nearly 600 volunteers help us carry out our events and our mission.

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