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Our actions in Senegal

Despite Senegal’s significant economic development, poverty and inequality still affect many families and children, especially in rural communities far from the country or in the suburbs of Dakar. Faced with the major challenges of child exploitation, limited access to quality education and the increased risk of violence in various regions of the country, we support and strengthen our partners in the field. By working actively in urban areas in the suburbs of Dakar as well as in rural areas and in the Diourbel region, they emphasize the protection of children’s rights, inclusion and non-violence in the world. education, creativity and active participation of children in schools and the community. They also aim to improve the protection of children against violence through support for victims and support for change.

Our presence in Senegal in a few figures


partners are working alongside us in different parts of the country


children and young people benefit from our daily assistance in Senegal


adults receive direct aid from Terre des Hommes Suisse

Terre des Hommes Suisse in Senegal

Protection of children at risk of exploitation

Our partner operating in the Diourbel region promotes the rights of children, especially those at risk of exploitation. Its work aims to improve the living conditions of children and young people by protecting them against the risks of forced labor and violence, while providing them with access to appropriate education.

Our partner :



Des enfants du Sénégal en rang semblent écouter un orateur
Au Sénégal, une jeune se tient souriante devant des échoppes

Prevent the risk of violence

In the department of Guédiawaye, on the outskirts of Dakar, our partner protects vulnerable children who are victims, or at risk, of violence in schools, families and communities. Young leaders and residents of the neighborhood organize awareness and prevention actions with families and other children to improve child protection.

Our partner :



Welcoming out-of-school children and young people and promoting their rights

One of our partners is actively working in the suburbs of Dakar to promote and protect children’s rights. This action allows disadvantaged children and young people who do not have access to education to attend school. In addition, clubs for children and young people have been created to train them to become real agents of change in favor of the rights of the child, thus contributing to improving respect for the rights of the child in the neighborhoods and schools.

Our partner :



Des enfants du Sénégal dans une école
Une enfant étudie à l'école en compagnie de ses camarades

Quality education and environmental protection​

Also in Dakar, our partner ensures access to quality education within its center and also allows children and young people to learn about education for sustainable development. Children then learn to engage in the protection of their environment within their schools, communities and families.

Our partner :



Offer vocational training to young people who have dropped out of school and/or are illiterate

In the Dakar region, in a context where the unemployment rate is extremely high, our partner offers marginalized children and young people access to quality and inclusive education with the aim of integrating them into the labor market. . An education that takes into account respect for the rights of the child and in particular participation, non-violence and tolerance.

Our partner :



Trois jeunes adolescentes du Sénégal devant une voiture

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