Save my planet, Save my rights

From Senegal to Haiti, via India and Peru, the children of Terre des Hommes Switzerland are meeting to act together to defend their right to live in a healthy environment. Through different actions, they celebrate the International Environment Day in their own way and aim to make their voices heard:

“Save my planet, Save my rights”.

Action is crucial to ensure that children have a healthy environment

The fundamental right of children to live in a healthy environment is a crucial issue for their well-being and development. This includes ensuring access to basic resources such as clean water, food, education, and health care, as well as protection from environmental hazards such as pollution and natural disasters. Governments, international organisations and local actors have a responsibility to implement policies and initiatives to preserve this healthy environment and foster sustainable development, taking into account the specific needs of children.

Some figures that urge us all to act

1.7 million child deaths each year are linked to a polluted environment…

…and more than a quarter of all deaths of children under five are linked to harmful environments, such as pollution and unsafe water. Children are particularly vulnerable to these threats, which can cause chronic respiratory diseases and heart problems throughout their lives (Source: WHO)

559 million children worldwide are exposed to extreme heat…

…and will potentially affect more than two billion children by 2050. Children are on the front line of these problems and the heat threatens their long-term health, education and livelihoods. Emissions reductions are urgently needed to protect children from the worst consequences of the climate crisis (Source: UNICEF)

10 million children and young people were displaced by climate-related disasters in 2020…

… and with an estimated one billion children living in 33 countries at high risk of climate change impacts, millions more children could be on the move in the coming years. (Source: UNICEF)

One campaign, 10 countries

They don’t know each other, they don’t speak the same language and they don’t live in the same countries, but they all have the same concern: to ensure a future in which they can live decently and in good conditions.

From awareness-raising campaigns, forest planting, waste collection to environmental theatre, our young people and children are working together this week to make their voices heard from 10 countries around the world!

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